10.657 infringements

Sodastream is a company that sells home carbonation systems. What for? Well, with these Sodastream systems and ingredients, everybody can make their own soft drinks at home.

This company has found an original way to advertise their products. If you can make soft drinks at home, you do need plastic bottles, and therefore, a green planet is promoted. Sodastream has found in Coca-Cola a good victim for their advertisements. On a billboard a cage is shown with 10.657 used soft-drink bottles, the amount that fits in a display. One of the displays is in South-Africa, others in the US and other countries.

Coca-Cola is not amused and threatens with a lawsuit in South Africa based on, amongst others, trademark infringement. Is using a used soft-drink bottle on a display and in a cage trademark use? Interesting question that probably will be answered by a judge as Sodastream has no intention to comply with the requests of Coca-Cola. Moreover, SodaStream respons firmly: the next cage filled with used bottles will be placed in the park across the street from Coke’s World of Coca- Cola museum in Atlanta!

Source: Bloomberg / BNR

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