Research In Motion recently announced their new multi-device mobile platform. It’s called: BBX.

Now RIM is being sued by Basis, a software company that claims to have already registered the trademark BBX.

The ‘older’ BBX is a set of tools and languages that help developers write programs for multiple operating systems. Basis has been using BBX since 1985 and registered the name as a trademark in 1995.

Basis argues that the products in question are obviously similar: a software application created with Basis’ BBX to run on the Android or iOS mobile devices, will also run on RIM’s BBX for BlackBerry products. Moreover, the recent launch of BBX by RIM caused confusion amongst Basis’ customers.

Basis claims that RIM is to cease and desist their use of the registered trademark BBX, and to compensate Basis for their legal costs and damages.

Source: arstechnica


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