Absolut infringement?

The famous vodka brand Absolut has launched in 2011 a campaign called Absolut Purity in order to underline the purity of the Absolut vodka.

The Swedish high end vodkabrand Purity thinks that this campaign is not so pure. Not because the quality of the Absolut vodka is bad, no, the use of the name Purity consists of a trademark infringement in their eyes. As no response came from Absolut on a cease and desist letter Purity now filed a lawsuit in Stockholm.

MarkMatters.com thinks that Absolut will argue that the sentence Absolut Purity is not used as a trademark but as an expression. But predicting the outcome of this case is surely quite difficult. In the event Purity can file some statements of confused (yet sober) consumers, this might be a convincing element.

Anyway, till the decision we can enjoy billboards of the campaign. In order to stress the the purity of the Absolut vodka the billboards are free of any ink. A pretty sight in any case!

Source: The Spirits Business

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