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New logo A.C. milan registered as a trademarkToday a post dedicated to football. This week the Champions League began with great games, for example the 6-1 victory of Real Madrid, spectacular figures in modern football.

Maybe a bit less spectacular news, at least for the average football fan, is the application of AC Milan of a new logo. No entirely the new logo of A.C. Milan, however, a kind of 3D logo which, as we assume, is intended for merchandising.

Can Spanish clubs lose? Well, al least the Spanish national football federation (Liga Nacional) can. They lost an opposition of EL Pichichi against Tropheo Pichichi. The Trofeo Pichichi is a price in the Spanish Primera División awarded to the top scorer of the season. This award is named after the nickname of Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, Athletic Bilbao striker who was called El Pichichi (the “scorer”). This award is handed out by the Spanish sports magazine Marca, but apparently there was sufficiently reason for the Liga Nacional to file the trademark.

Unfortunately, the trademark has been refused by the Spanish Trademarks Office. An expensive loss because the earlier mark on which the opposition was based was gone. This resulted in a rejection of the opposition. The football lesson is: without a good defense you cannot attack.

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