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//And the winner of 2018 is…

And the winner of 2018 is…

And the winner of 2018 is...Fake news is still a trending topic in 2018. Fake or counterfeit products are also a major problem worldwide. The annual fake election of Action Plagiarius is an important moment to draw attention to this problem. During this election, a “prize” is awarded to the most shameless counterfeit. This election is part of the broader task of Action Plagiarius to inform the public about the problem of fake goods and plagiarism and the negative effects they have on not only the economy as a whole, but especially on small companies and individual designers.

The winner of the 2018 election is a kitchen appliance to cut vegetables. Left is the real product, right the counterfeit, from China.

The number two is a whole water park (!). The counterfeit is right, yes, also from China. Finally, the number 3, the toy cars, the counterfeit right is again from China.

And the winner of 2018 is...


And the winner of 2018 is...









Source and (C): Action Plagiarius

Arnaud Bos

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