Angry birds are angry

angry-clubs-300x300The Angry Birds, the now famous game, are always looking angry. Well, the makers (Rovio) of this game are actually angry. They are angry with a manufacturer of golf products called AngryClubs.

There is an obvious similarity between the trademarks Angry Bird and the logo AngryClubs, according to Rovio. So, this is a clear case of copying a famous trademark.

The producer is not aware of any problem: “It’s Goliath trying to get in the way of anybody who goes near it.  The name was chosen to indicate that golfers can take their anger away by playing golf.”

Is this a pure copy or is it a case of a multinational that is very touchy? The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. The Court will now have a the heavy duty to render a decision.

Source: Daily Business Review

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