Animal brands 2012

Today is World Animal Day. So at we celebrate all animal brands, like Dove, Jaguar and Caterpillar.

When choosing a suitable brand name, we are mostly guided by existing words. This is convenient, as these words are already known and sometimes even have been a favorable meaning that can “load” the brand. Within the category of existing words, “animal brands” are particularly popular.

The Netherlands has countless animal brands, such as Ibis Hotels, Bull Dog (most famous coffeeshop in Amsterdam), Gazelle and Sphinx. Foreign animal brands include Fox (news channel), Wild Pig (wine), Kangaroos (shoes), Tiger (beer), Beetle (car).

And let’s not forget one of the landmark decisions in Intellectual Property: Puma/Sabel, a case between two jumping felines.

Then there are the more unusual animal brands: Sloth (garments), Opossum (toys), Aardvark (social network), Yellow Rat Bastard NYC (bags), Cheeky Little Monkey (food), Millipede (pinball machines) and Okapi (tobacco).’s personal favourite: Escar-Go, a brand name for snail pesticides. And of course the Australian Emu Airways (an emu is a flightless bird).

Here’s to the animals!

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