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Monster Energy is a well-known energy drink. Characteristic of this brand is the logo: three stripes that represent the claw print of a monster. This logo has been registered by Monster Energy in various ways for various products. When Monster [...]


Big Green Eggstravaganza


The Big Green Egg is the company that produces Big Green Egg, an outdoor cooking appliance that allows you to bake, grill, dust and dry. Big Green Egg is a popular product with BBQ specialists. The popularity (and high price) [...]

Big Green Eggstravaganza2019-03-21T12:15:03+01:00

Nada for Prada


Where many people seek certainty, in the legal world it is often the case that everything depends on the circumstances of the case. Annoying, because if you want to make a decision, you look for certainty. The Prada case illustrates [...]

Nada for Prada2019-03-21T09:20:18+01:00



In addition to counterfeiting, competitors also try to take advantage of the reputation and reputation of a brand in less far-reaching ways. The twilight zone is searched for trademark protection: if the trademark shows just enough differences from the well-known [...]

CALVIN COPY2019-03-21T13:10:32+01:00

Apple bite bites the dust


The Apple logo is unmistakably famous. If you see the logo with the bite from the apple, then you know immediately that you are dealing with Apple. This does not mean, however, that Apple can monopolize the "bite". For example, [...]

Apple bite bites the dust2019-03-20T14:22:14+01:00

Citroën Cocinelle trademarked


We came across a remarkable application in the European trademark register: the "Cocinelle" or "Deux Chevaux" of Citroën. This famous classic has been requested as a three-dimensional trademark for a wide range of products (from tableware to furniture and from [...]

Citroën Cocinelle trademarked2019-02-19T16:06:51+01:00

Assassins’ Greed


Timing is one of the most difficult issues in trademark protection. You can of course immediately try to register the trademark for many products and services. The truth is that many companies have tight budgets and have to choose what [...]

Assassins’ Greed2019-02-19T10:45:30+01:00

Merknaam gestuit door informele rasnaam


Voorafgaand onderzoek in de rasnaamregisters is erg belangrijk bij het registreren van een handelsaanduiding als merk. Het College van Beroep voor het Bedrijfsleven heeft in een belangwekkende uitspraak nu ook duidelijk gemaakt dat niet officiële registers als Floricode, Naktuinbouw en [...]

Merknaam gestuit door informele rasnaam2019-02-19T16:10:20+01:00

The Italians


A strong brand is worth a "million". For this reason we always recommend choosing a brand that only indirectly refers to the qualities of the product. Or better, does not refer at all and is a true word from the [...]

The Italians2019-02-19T16:03:21+01:00

Money and booze


We sometimes encounter strange trademark applications in our daily brand practice. We have never seen this one before: a three-dimensional trademark in the form of a bag of money. This mark has been filed in the EU for alcoholic beverages. [...]

Money and booze2019-02-19T10:19:28+01:00
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