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No kill for Fortnite


Fortnite is immensely popular and one of the most played games at the moment. It is also the (free) game that generates the most money, 1.8 billion dollars in 2019! With such a well-known brand, you could expect it to [...]

No kill for Fortnite2020-01-16T11:50:30+01:00

Netflix intro fixed


You see brands everywhere. A color, a tune and even the shape of a product can already provide brand recognition. These kinds of signs are not always perceived as trademarks, unlike a word or logo. For that reason, trademark holders [...]

Netflix intro fixed2019-12-16T16:55:50+01:00

Forbes versus Forbes


In trademark law, it’s first come, first served. This principle also applies to anyone who wants to use his own name (prename or surname) as a brand. It is not that you can use Apple in commerce just because your [...]

Forbes versus Forbes2019-12-17T15:26:21+01:00

The portrait of Charlie Chaplin


We recently discussed trademark rights on portraits. In reality, mainly famous people’s portraits can acquire trademark rights. We have seen two applications in the European trademark register that are a good example of portrait trademarks. Charlie Chaplin's portrait has been [...]

The portrait of Charlie Chaplin2019-12-17T16:00:22+01:00

Champagne and art


Champagne and art, a wonderful combination. But can you portray a bottle of Moët champagne in a work of art? Or can Moët successfully invoke its trademark right to prevent this? The Benelux Court of Justice had to consider this [...]

Champagne and art2019-11-28T14:07:20+01:00

Your robot lookalike


According to a Dutch newspaper, British robot maker Geomiq is looking for someone who wants to transfer the right to his portrait. Geomiq wants to use this portrait as a face for their care robots. The company offers good money. [...]

Your robot lookalike2019-10-28T15:15:48+01:00

Helly’s position


For trademark agencies, wordmarks and logos are welcome guests. These trademarks are generally accepted unless they have distinctiveness issues. Less traditional signs however, have a much harder time. A color mark, a sound, films and decorations that appear in variants [...]

Helly’s position2019-11-28T13:59:28+01:00



For an interesting opposition case, we are traveling to Italy this week where Apple has filed an opposition against an application of the trademark Pineapple. Although both pineapple and apples are fruit names and are part of a healthy diet, [...]


A brick in the design wall


In addition to registering words, logos and slogans as a trademark, you can also protect a design as a model. Because companies are increasingly distinguishing themselves in terms of packaging and product design, design protection is gaining popularity. In fact, [...]

A brick in the design wall2019-10-14T10:57:49+01:00

Bixby, Samsung’s new trademark


Bixby, that's the name of Samsung's virtual assistant. Bixby is not just another name chosen by Samsung. A whole process has probably preceded this. For these types of projects, a name creation agency is often called in to propose a [...]

Bixby, Samsung’s new trademark2019-09-18T08:28:08+01:00
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