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Social distancing logos


Not only people are social distancing, but brands are also doing it too: McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Audi and Volkswagen are just a few of the corporate conglomerates that are interpreting "social distancing" with logo redesigns. The term has become "trending" recently [...]

Social distancing logos2020-04-17T14:41:16+02:00

Dutch brewery steps up in COVID-19 crisis


The Covid-19 crisis brings out the best in people. Following a shortage of hand sanitiser and disinfectant, Bavaria, a Dutch brewer based in Noord-Brabant, has started producing its own beer companies to produce disinfectant. Early last week, brewers were approached [...]

Dutch brewery steps up in COVID-19 crisis2020-04-21T10:44:43+02:00

Audi’s Green Hell


Audi may be planning a new variant of the R8 sports car, inspired by the Nürburgring. The German automotive company recently filed a trademark for “R8 Green Hell” in the European Union. The Nürburgring is famously nicknamed “Green Hell”, as [...]

Audi’s Green Hell2020-04-15T08:23:28+02:00

Puma’s dictator sneakers


Puma has withdrawn a specific colour combination of the Storm Adrenaline sneakers from its webshop. The reason: people apparently believe the shoes resemble Adolf Hitler. They are not the most high-end sneakers from the German sportswear manufacturer, but because of [...]

Puma’s dictator sneakers2020-04-15T08:52:28+02:00

Corona virus hits restaurant brand


Sometimes a world event can negatively affect your brand. The beer brand “Corona” is obviously not happy with whoever named COVID-19 the “Corona” virus. The same is true for a Chinese restaurant in Canada that faces a backlash because of [...]

Corona virus hits restaurant brand2020-04-15T08:20:40+02:00

Pure blood


In a legal battle over the name of its first SUV, Italian sports car maker Ferrari has filed a lawsuit against a tiny charity over trademarking of the Italian word for “thoroughbred”. Ferrari, one of Italy’s most famous brands, claims [...]

Pure blood2020-02-26T09:12:36+01:00

No-Go Kart


A Japanese court fined the Japanese karting company Mari Mobility for the sum of €416,000 for infringing Nintendo’s copyrights. The karting company offered “Mario Kart racing” in Tokyo. Customers could rent costumes and dress up like Mario, Luigi or Yoshi. [...]

No-Go Kart2020-02-26T09:11:12+01:00

Red Ivy


The collection of adidas x Ivy Park has sold out very quickly. Nevertheless did Beyonce’s line of luxury sports items such as hoodies, cycling shorts and sports bras, turn out to be a disappointment for the more curvy customers due [...]

Red Ivy2020-04-15T08:25:32+02:00



The Chinese fast-food chain Real Kungfu has been sued by Shannon Lee, daughter of martial arts actor and kung fu legend Bruce Lee, for 27 million euros. The company has been using the image of Lee since 2004. Real Kungfu, [...]


Subaru’s Brand Mistake


If you happen to purchase Subaru’s new Forrester SUV, you better hope no one asks you what kind of car you drive. The Japanese automaker’s latest model, unveiled at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show, is called the Forester Ultimate Customised [...]

Subaru’s Brand Mistake2020-02-26T09:01:06+01:00
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