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The victory of Bayern München


One of the most famous football clubs in Europe was recently involved in a trademark issue: Bayern Munich. The subject of the fight was the logo of Sailer Brau for beer. Bayern Munich found this brand too similar to their [...]

The victory of Bayern München2018-09-04T13:38:16+02:00

The Panini football player


Genuine use of a trademark exists where the trademark is used in accordance with its essential function. This function is to guarantee the identity of the origin of the goods or services for which it is registered, in order to [...]

The Panini football player2016-12-01T11:28:38+01:00

We could use use


One of the major limitations of a trademark is the use requirement. An owner of a trademark must put its trademark in use 3 or 5 years after registration. Often, this is a weak spot of a trademark, sometimes an [...]

We could use use2019-02-26T12:03:23+01:00

Scoring with defense


Football players Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi are world famous and are admired nowadays like they were pop stars. Sport stars seem to have their own logo, Ronaldo and Messi do (see below) and Neymar does too. As a star you [...]

Scoring with defense2019-02-26T10:50:13+01:00

Dislike your lookalike


You have the well-known trademarks with an iconic logo, distinctive colours or something other remarkable. And you have the trademarks who want to take advantage with a logo, colours or other elements that are not the same but similar, of [...]

Dislike your lookalike2016-11-22T11:57:15+01:00

The art of distinction


Distinguishing yourself is important to sell your product or service. First of all, you want that the customer buys your trademark and not that of the competitor. But in the case of an original brand, the name attracts attention and [...]

The art of distinction2016-11-17T14:18:41+01:00

The Mac Monopoly


Although large companies often have specialized trademark departments that are working daily to protect new brands and defend existing brands, these departments have to deal with a limited budget. A preferred solution is to avoid lengthy and costly legal procedures. [...]

The Mac Monopoly2016-11-15T11:50:57+01:00

Trump Trademarks


You love him or you hate him. The fact is that Republican Donald Trump will become the 45th US president. Trump has also become a popular trademark whereas you can see a clear distinction between the lovers and haters. For example, [...]

Trump Trademarks2016-11-09T16:19:57+01:00

Disney's application frozen


Everybody who is working on new trademarks can confirm this: it's sometimes quite difficult to find an available trademark in the EU. Especially if you are not using a fancy word but an existing word such as an animal or [...]

Disney's application frozen2016-11-08T11:03:46+01:00
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