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Gorilla trademarketing


Donkey Kong is a world renowned gorilla from a computer game of Nintendo. And now also registered as a three-dimensional mark in the European Union. Other cartoon characters such as characters from Mario Bros have also been registered recently by [...]

Gorilla trademarketing2016-11-01T15:32:12+01:00

Love against Dove


In trademark law, you almost never have obvious cases. Even when you think that the meaning of a trademark is well-known and/or descriptive, you have to take into consideration the knowledge of the European consumer that does not know a [...]

Love against Dove2016-10-27T09:45:41+02:00

Starbucks parody


A trademark is a tool of communication. A name / logo gives a product or services an appearance, an identity, a personality. This appearance is formed by advertising, events and other promotional activities, plus many other aspects like the design [...]

Starbucks parody2016-10-25T10:20:08+02:00

Total similarity


It is less common but sometimes a trademark case just deals with the similarity between logos. Logos which do not consist of word elements but just figurative elements. Those cases are always interesting. In this present case, the fight was [...]

Total similarity2016-10-19T11:30:34+02:00

Eat the 3D mark


Eat the Ball is a new bread concept. This concept, as we read on the website of the creators, was born from the fact that there were no bread brands. Flavors yes but no brands, according to this company.  This [...]

Eat the 3D mark2016-10-13T09:59:45+02:00

Miss Belgium misses


From the most beautiful girl in the classroom to the most beautiful in the country. Many dream of this. Hence, a good format for a miss competition with wold fame in sight! Probably, one of the reasons of the popularity [...]

Miss Belgium misses2016-10-11T12:18:26+02:00

A lonely Christmas


A trademark must be distinctive for the goods for which it has been applied for. With the recent rules and policy regarding descriptive device trademarks in mind, you might wonder whether a trademark like NOEL (Christmas) and a Santa Claus [...]

A lonely Christmas2016-10-06T12:28:04+02:00

Bossy Boss


There are thousands of trade names and brands that are identical to the creator or owner. Think of brands like Philips, Versace etc. As a trademark is an indication of the origin of products, using the name of the creator [...]

Bossy Boss2016-10-04T10:08:56+02:00

Lamborghini starts a bullfight


The logo of Lamborghini is well-known, also for people who do not love well designed fast cars. This trademark is protected not only for cars but for a wide range of products, with an eye on the various merchandising that [...]

Lamborghini starts a bullfight2016-09-29T10:09:22+02:00

No Cool shit trademark in Europe


One of the biggest pitfalls of new trademarks is the requirement that a trademark must meet a certain distinctiveness. The most common refusal is that a trademark is too descriptive: it informs the consumer in a too direct way about [...]

No Cool shit trademark in Europe2016-09-27T12:06:12+02:00
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