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1919 is a significant year in the history of American beerdrinkers, this is the year when hundreds of breweries were faced with the prospect of closing because of the prohibition during 1919 until 1933. In order to survive several breweries chose to make a lookalike beer, with elixirs and sodas. Of course, when the prohibition ended, each brewery happily returned to its old recipe.

1919 is the trademark of New Ulm Brewing & Beverage Company, this company sells for almost 25 years an alcohol free draft root beer. In fact, this product is a soft drink. Nevertheless, this company is suing The Krebs Brewing Company that makes an ale style beer, also named after the year 1919.

The trademarks are identical but the main question will probably be, are the products similar? Are soft drinks similar to beers? When confusing these drinks you might have too much of beer one can say. New Ulm states that both products are being sold in the same locations and confusion can arise. People might think that both trademarks have the same origin. Interesting dispute between the alcholic drinkers and soda-drinkers!

Source: Mandour & Associates

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