Beers and bands

Beers and bandsAs any other company, names are crucial for bands and artists. The name and associated logo are the main means of communication. If you do not know the name of the band who is playing, you can not check their music on Spotify or see on their website if they are giving a concert again.

While this sometimes is forgotten by the band more and more bands are protecting their name as a trademark. Of course this is also a matter of money -often a problem for bands that are just beginning- but a trademark registration pays back eventually. For example through merchandise but also through an own brand of beer. Beer? Yes, many bands have their own beer. For example Pearl Jam has the beer called Faithfull; Iron Maiden has the beer Trooper; and AC / DC sells AC / DC Premium Lager. Even pop group Hanson has its own beer called MMMHop which is a nod to their biggest hit Mmmbop.

Recently also Rick Ashley released plans with the Danish brewery Mikkeller for a fruity beer. The name of the beer is not known yet: will it be Rick Ashley? Or will the beer get the name of one of his hits? The brand name “Never gonna give you up” seems somehow unlikely.


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