Beyon-(C) – part 2

Beyonce is yet again the centrepoint of a copyright claim.

In 2007 Beyonce was sued because the text of her single Baby Boy was stolen. She was eventually acquitted.

After a claim she copied a choreography (see our earlier post), now it seems the Belgian dance company Rosas is taking legal action at the former Destiny’s Child lead singer.

In her new video of the song Countdown, she allegedly copied part of the show “Rosas Dances Rosas”. A spokesperson for the Flemish broadcaster VRT states: “In the video are excerpts from the film that Thierry De Mey made ​​this much-lauded performance almost exactly copied”.

Since Rosas has not given permission, they have asked their lawyer to contact Beyonce’s management.

Although Beyonce’s management has not issued a statement, we bet their response is “No, no, no, no no…” (instead of “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…).




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