Bixby, Samsung’s new trademark

Bixby, that’s the name of Samsung’s virtual assistant. Bixby is not just another name chosen by Samsung. A whole process has probably preceded this.

For these types of projects, a name creation agency is often called in to propose a list of trademarks. They are usually fantasy names and thought out with great care. The availability of the names is then examined. Identical checks follow, potential risks are viewed and analyzed. If objections emerge from identical checks, those marks are often dropped. Trademarks that are good candidates from a legal point of view are being further searched; this time through availability searches. Especially for this purpose, we have developed Multisearch®, which conducts trademark availability searches in 8 days in almost every country worldwide.

The final choice of the trademark is made. Then it is up to the legal team to have a strategic filing plan. Samsung has filed several trademarks Bixby but in different ways: together with Samsung, separately and as a pay-off. The mark was initially filed for voice computers only, in order to exclude a risk of objection as much as possible. However, the applications did lead to oppositions in the EU, including an opposition from the owner of Bixby travel magazine. This mark probably was revealed by the searches but was not considered to be a risk: the Bixby travel magazine mark was registered for other services. And the nicest part about giving legal advice is when it turns out to be valid: the opposition was rejected.

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