Bung for your buck

satarbucks-starbung 2A Bangkok street stall coffee vendor has dropped his “Starbung Coffee” sign, after Starbucks took him to court for trademark infringement. “Bung” means brother in Malay.

Last month Starbucks Coffee Company demanded the owner, Damrong Maslee, to remove the “Starbung Coffee” logo from his sidewalk stall in the Thai capital. The international coffee giant also demanded compensation of both damages and legal fees.

“We met halfway in an out-of-court settlement,” Maslee said. “They agreed to drop the demand for compensation, and I agreed to stop using a circular sign for my coffee shop logo.” He has also changed the name of his sidewalk coffee shop to “Bung’s Tears”.

Well, that’s not really “meeting halfway”, is it? That’s more like giving in to every demand. And rightfully so, cause it rarely gets more ‘trademark infringement’ than this.

The legal case with Starbucks did bring Maslee local fame, which can’t be bad for business. So there might be two winners in this after all.

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