Car trouble

Korean car manufacturer Kia cannot use the name Quoris on its cars in Europe, after losing a court case to Chinese car brand Qoros.

Kia just recently launched the Quoris in Korea. It is supposed to compete with luxury cars like the BMW 7-series. Hey, it even looks a bit like one.

The ruling is a positive boost for the upcoming European debut of Qoros at next year’s Geneva motor show.

Kia does not really seem to be bothered by the outcome of the case, as they state not to have any plans to sell the Quoris in Europe: “It’s not part of our medium term strategy plans for Europe,” a Kia spokesman said.

With trademark registers getting more and more crowded, it’s getting increasingly difficult to come up with a name that is available world wide. For this reason, it is not uncommon for multinationals to use different brand names in different territories

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