Hands of a genius


The prestigious Knoedler & Co. art gallery in New York is being sued for selling fake works of art, made by a Chinese immigrant. Pei-Shen Qian, a Chinese national living in the United States, had been a street artists among [...]

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Tesla has trouble selling their cars in China, because of a trademark dispute against Te Si La. More and more car manufacturers are making hybrid or even fully electric cars. But one of the top players is Tesla. The American [...]


One love, one chicken


The Bob Marley’s estate is suing a Louisiana-based chicken-fingers chain, Raising Cane. Why? Raising Case is using the phrase “one love” in its ads. The chicken restaurant exploits over 120 outlets and has been using the phrase “one love — quality [...]

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Amsterdam claimed


Yes, we are aware that hometown Amsterdam has a certain reputation abroad. In real life there is plenty more to discover than red lights and pot, but ok. What we did not knew is that you can actually claim the [...]

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Do you remember that '80s hit: Bad to the bone by George Thorogood? You know: "B-b-b-bad..... to the bone"? It turns out Thorogood  is now m-m-m-mad! The '80s rocker filed a lawsuit against Michaels Stores Inc., accusing the retailer of selling T-shirts [...]


Go Wildcats! Go!


Do you know The Woodrow Wilson Wildcat? We didn't either. But now we do. It's the mascot of Dallas' Woodrow Wilson High. Well, it won't be for long. Woodrow Wilson faces legal action from wildcat mascot's resemblance to University of [...]

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Always a difficult moment for a trademark holder who introduces its trademark in foreign countries: when do you apply for your trademark abroad? Especially when you do not know whether it will be a success or which countries will apply, [...]


Wine without grapes


Wine can't live without wine grapes. Right? Well, in South Africa they can. A Western Cape High Court ruled that wine and wine grapes are very different goods. Zonquasdrift farm owns a trademark registration for Zonquasdrift, registered for 'wine'. Another farm owner [...]

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Frying Nemo


Last week we had a post about the movie Pirates of the Caribbean of Disney, now a new post about a copyright / trademark infringement in regard of an other blockbuster of Disney: Finding Nemo. These are obviously busy times [...]

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