Wrath of the Maiden


Hard rock band Iron Maiden has launched a USD 2.000.000 trademark suit against the makers of video game Ion Maiden. According to the band, the game’s title causes confusion among customers through its near-identical appearance to the Iron Maiden trademark, [...]

Wrath of the Maiden2019-06-26T08:42:13+02:00

Appetite For Infringement


80s Hard Rock band Guns ‘N’ Roses is taking a Colorado brewery to court for alleged copyright infringement, alleging the brewery has been selling a craft beer named "Guns ‘N’ Rosé ale" since 2018 without the band’s approval. The brewery [...]

Appetite For Infringement2019-06-26T08:43:13+02:00

Grande restrictions


American pop music star Ariana Grande has sparked an outcry from photographers and media organizations with her new concert tour agreement. Reportedly, as a response to “greedy photographers” taking advantage of her in the past, the new contract requires that [...]

Grande restrictions2019-06-26T08:43:57+02:00

Copy As You Are


The band Nirvana has sued for copyright infringement over Marc Jacobs' Grunge Redux Collection, alleging that the fashion brand is infringing on the band’s copyright for its smiley face logo. According to the lawsuit, the late Kurt Cobain created the [...]

Copy As You Are2019-06-26T08:55:33+02:00



Artist The Weeknd is indicted by comic book maker Eymun Talasazan for plagiarism. The singer is said to have stolen the idea for a comic book about his alter ego Starboy from the maker. Allegedly, Talasazan had talks with the [...]


Not so happy


Pharrell Williams is not so ‘Happy’, and threatens to sue President Trump for using his song. Singer and artist Pharrell Williams has sent a cease-and-desist letter to President Donald Trump after the president played Williams' 2014 smash hit "Happy" at [...]

Not so happy2019-01-21T15:41:36+01:00

Kanye rebranded


Kanye West has "rebranded" himself as Ye. Ye had been his nickname for a while. Earlier this year he said "I believe 'ye' is the most common word in the Bible, and in the Bible it means 'you'". Since the [...]

Kanye rebranded2019-01-21T15:45:38+01:00

Lil distinctive


One of the advantages of Spotify is that they provide us a worldwide database of all names of bands and artists. Spotify recently did a search as to artists with Lil in their names. This resulted in a list of [...]

Lil distinctive2019-06-26T10:32:18+02:00

Brexit Against The Machine


Politician Nigel Farage has received a cease-and-desist letter from the band Rage Against The Machine over the name of his podcast. Farage has been presenting a podcast named Farage Against The Machine on the radio. The title is a play on [...]

Brexit Against The Machine2019-06-26T10:33:18+02:00

A simple ABC


The estate of Michael Jackson has sued network ABC for copyright infringement, after airing a special on the pop singer’s final days. The two-hour special called “The Last Days of Michael Jackson” used his songs and music videos without permission, [...]

A simple ABC2019-06-26T09:05:42+02:00
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