And the winner of 2017 is…


In a world where fake products are still a growing problem but are rapidly caught up by the problem of fake news, there is one truth: the every year fake election of Action Plagiarius. This institute informs the public about [...]

And the winner of 2017 is…2019-02-26T11:51:32+01:00

The clonephone


Big news yesterday: In India you can buy a smartphone for only 3 euros and 30 cents. Quite cheap, isn't? We already know that, also in view of the sky high  profits of for example Apple that the price of [...]

The clonephone2019-02-26T10:42:03+01:00

Bag to differ


Fashion designer Stella McCartney is claiming that Steve Madden is copying her famous designer bags, and calls them a “poorly made knock-off”. Stella McCartney’s Falabella bag is one of the brand’s best-selling items. It features a very distinctive silver hardware [...]

Bag to differ2015-10-16T08:06:01+02:00

Countering counterfeit currency


The US dollar is one of the most faked currencies out there. It is estimated by the US Secret Service, the federal agency responsible for protecting the US currency, that prior to the adoption of a national currency in 1863, [...]

Countering counterfeit currency2015-09-07T08:40:08+02:00

White, Gold & Grey


Xiaomi vice president Hugo Barra once again spoke out in defense against copycat accusations that have been levied against the company. Xiaomi allegedly is copying Apple products too much. Okay, we understand - from a business point of view - [...]

White, Gold & Grey2019-02-26T12:01:38+01:00



The Chicago Blackhawks form a professional ice hockey team based in Chicago (USA). Their name and logo are registered trademarks and therefore protected by intellectual property laws. This has entitled them to stop "business man" Jeff Huang, who has been manufacturing [...]


Notorious markets


Recently, the US Trade Representative has issued an interesting report on "notorious markets": markets that are well-known for their counterfeit products. Not only the physical markets are mentioned, but also some websites that sell many fake stuff like, [...]

Notorious markets2015-03-10T06:54:09+01:00

Kalvin Clein


Sometimes counterfeit should be art, Jan-Dirk van der Burg must have thought. The Dutch photographer collected eleven items of counterfeit Calvin Klein underwear from all over the world, and made an impressive photo collection. The photos are set up as [...]

Kalvin Clein2019-02-12T11:43:59+01:00

Uggs for Africa


After a large shipment of fake UGG boots has been found, the judge issued an interesting ruling. The boots are not to be destroyed; he came up with a better idea. The case involves an Irish  businessman that is caught [...]

Uggs for Africa2014-12-22T06:45:17+01:00

Real or fake?


A Louis Vuitton handbag for few dollars is obviously a fake copy.  You can often recognize this fake items from a distance. But the pirates are now producing better knockoff copies than ever. Sometimes, the imitation is so well made that [...]

Real or fake?2014-11-18T08:15:26+01:00
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