Chemical toilets in their natural habitat

In a previous post we discussed the problem of some trademarks becoming generic.

One fine example of a trademark regularly being used generically is DIXI.

In Europe DIXI is well known trademark for mobile chemical toilets. In fact, it is so well known, that the general public refers to such toilets ‘dixies’, although there are several companies with their own trademarked mobile chemical toilet.

This is something that Dixi Sanitary Systems, the owner of the DIXI trademark, should pay close attention to. They should beware that their trademark is not used generically and take action where necessary. If they allow the trademark to become generic, they will lose their trademark rights.

If you didn’t know that there were multiple manufacturers of mobile chemical toilets, and thought DIXI was the only one, you should definitely take a look the recent series of photographs by photographers Guido Benschop (@guidobenschop) and Andreas Terlaak (@aterlaak).

They have photographed the mobile chemical toilet in its natural habitat: in the most beautiful places, in the strangest situations. Sometimes lonely and abandoned. Sometimes together in a group. But always as nomads. Their stand always temporary.

photo © by florianplag on Flickr

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