Chubby espresso

Everyone who loves coffee knows Illycaffè for its good espresso coffee. This company has marketed itself also as a company that loves art and design. One of the slogans is “Illy espresso coffee meets the arts and opens the mind”. Colorful espresso cups have been painted by several artists and can be bought.

These espresso cups have become a distinctive feature of Illy. As we all know that the idea of painting espresso cups cannot be claimed, Illy has found something different to protect: the three dimensional shape of the espresso cup, with the chubby handle of the espresso cup. Illy recently filed this 3D mark in the European Union (of course without the logo of Illy on it). Clever enough not for coffee cups as 3D marks are in general difficult to register when the shape does not significantly differs from the other cups known in the market. No, Illy filed this trademark for coffee and advertisements, this resulted in an acceptance of this mark.

Moreover, Illy also filed a different 3D mark. A very remarkable one, as this is  a complete  artwork in the form of many cups!










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