mondrian-cakeA piece of pastry is the center of a San Francisco “copycake” battle. Pastry chef Caitlin Freeman has accused the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art of copying her art-themed cakes.
Together with her husband Freeman opened the Blue Bottle Café on the museum’s 5th floor. Her pièces de résistance: a range of cakes and pastries in the likeness of artworks by famous artists, like Warhol, Koons and Lichtenstein. But the top of the line cake: her signature Piet Mondrian cake. The Dutch Master.
Since then Freeman’s Blue Bottle Café has grown into a national chain with locations across the United States. After the museum reopened – it was closed for a multi-year renovation and expansion – Freeman lost the contract to the fifth floor café. This is where it gets ‘ugly’. The new exploiter of the café continued with Freeman’s pastry art.
The pastry chef is outraged. The fact that her creations are being copied by a rival, after the museum chose not to renew Blue Bottle’s contract is very difficult for Freeman to understand. “If they didn’t want what I was doing, then why is this happening? It makes me not want to go back to the museum, but it’s so beautiful. It’s so tacky and so gross, but there’s kind of nothing I can do about it.”
It seems the San Fransisco MoMa wants to have their cake and eat it.
Source: Artnet

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