Counterfeit museum in Paris

Paris, the city of love, with the Eiffel Tower, Centre Pompidou and Montmartre. And so much more. But as IP addict you might want to drag your family on a fun side tour to the Counterfeit Museum.

The Museum of Counterfeiting was created in 1951 by Unifab (an union of fabricants) and is located in a private mansion in the Rue de la Faisanderie in Paris. The museum, which unfortunately did not yet has visited, allows visitors to get information about counterfeiting and its impact on the international economy, it makes them aware about the importance of intellectual property.

According to the site of the museum the museum shows a large range of fake and authentic items so that visitor can learn how to detect imitations: bronzes of Rodin’s, perfumes, tobacco, dictionaries, software, CDs and DVDs, toys, spare parts, household electrical appliances, cleaning products, textile, tanning, dishes, pens… Sounds like good fun!

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