Death of a slogan

Just do it. Connecting People. Think Different. All world famous slogans that are inextricably connected to the trademarks Nike, Nokia and Apple. One of the other classic, great slogans is the phrase “We Try Harder” by car rental company Avis. And now it has been abandoned!

It  has gone down in advertising history as one of the longest-lasting and respected tag lines. The origination of the slogan was not to create a cute, gimmick, but instead it was – and is – a business philosophy that every Avis employee holds true. “We Try Harder” has helped Avis earn a reputation as one of the most admired businesses in the world.

The new slogan, you say? Here goes: “It’s your space.”

What?! What space? Who came up with this brilliant idea? Let’s abandon our 40-something year old, world famous slogan and replace it with some generic nonsense.

Okay, the future will tell whether or not this was a good idea, but it seems an awful lot like wasting valuable company money and goodwill. A carefully marketed brand, given up. hopes that the new Avis slogan will still connect to people. Maybe this different thinking will just do it for them. Let’s hope so.

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