Designer condoms

No need to introduce Louis Vuitton, a company established in 1854 by Louis Vuitton Malletier is nowadays a renowned French fashion label. With a huge range of products, from shoes, bags, luggages to sunglasses and jewelries.

And then there is the Louis Vuitton condom. Yes, the Louis Vuitton condom!

Designed and created by Irakli Kiziria, an architect from the Republic of Georgia, not suprisingly, totally unaffiliated with the Louis Vuitton company. He proposed a launch for the product on World Aids Day, as part of the Louis Vuitton’s work with amfAr (The foundation for AIDS Research).

Although a nice idea, we wonder how long it is going to take before Louis Vuitton sues the designer for tarnishing their brand’s reputation. Or maybe they have learner from the Dutch Plesner-case, in which Danish designer Nadia Plesner won a case against LVMH: freedom of speech prevailed before IP rights.

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