Do not let it be

The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England is a notorious rock and roll club. It is the venue were The Beatles gave their legendary first performance on February 9, 1961.

Now, in Las Vegas, Hard Rock Cafe International – owner of the famous, world wide chain of Hard Rock Cafes opened a “Cavern Club”, named after the famous venue.

However, “the original” Cavern Club was not amused by this, and filed a trademark infringement suit.

The difficult issue here is, that they do not own any trademark rights in the United States. Of course there may be an issue of bad faith, or maybe even copyright, but IP-wise, this can be a tricky case.

To be continued, as we do not think The Cavern Club will just Let It Be (pun intended) and parties will not Come Together (again: pun intended).


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