Doubling piano’s

It must have been a strange sight. The Chinese artist Zheng Li returns after a period of seven years from China to America. As he wanted to get a sense of what art he was selling he visited his gallery. However, it was not his paintings on the walls but an almost literal copy of his work from 2004!

Once at home, he looked on the internet if he could find the artist. Li saw to his shock dozens of copies of his work. His painting was even in 2010 registered as a copyright by Somerset Studios, a company that sells art to retailers.

Unfortunately it is quite common that paintings are digitally reproduced and completed by fictional artists. Nevertheless, the scale of the infringement in this case is remarkable. The copies are sold almost everywhere.

Meanwhile Li started a lawsuit against the company and several galleries. He registered also his paintings as a copyright. A bit too late as this could influence the compensation.


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