Duracell lasts longer

Duracell is a famous trademark for batteries. A trademark that is marketed very well. If we think of Duracell we automatically picture plush rabbits who work for hours while other rabbits (on other batteries) have ceased to work already.

The Duracell batteries are also easily recognizable by the colors black and copper. A good reason for Duracell to claim the color combination. Duracell filed the color combination three years ago but this application only succeeded after the filing of (secret) evidence of acquired distinctiveness.

And Now Duracell decided to file the 3D shape of the battery ( in color) as an European trademark as well. Why? Well, MarkMatters.com assumes that the main goal is to further clarify which distinctive colors are being claimed and how this works in practice.Vague IP rights look broad at first sight but in the end you are better off with clearly defined rights. And while Duracell risks that the application will be refused again, in view of their earlier acceptance and overall reputation this looks like a formality before they get their European 3D mark.

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