Eating ice and chicken in China

And we are in China again, a growing superpower but a country that gives Western companies I.P. headaches.

First remarkable story is in Shenyang where local students have discovered a local ice cream. Is the flavor special? No, is the color special? No again. It’s all in the name: the name of the ice cream is iPhone 5. The ice cream itself is in the shape of the logo of Apple.

Too bad for the ice cream maker, Apple has already filed in 2011 the word Apple for amongst others ice creams in China. Although Apple probably has sufficient I.P. problems, a severe letter might be sent.

Also in China, in Beijing this time, local students have started their own restaurant: OFC. OFC stands for Obama Fried Chicken. The logo, typeface, colors etc. seem familiar…. and of course, they are, they are copies of KFC. admits, these are funny copies but


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