Empire Strikes Bock

empire breweryEmpire brewery from the United States has a new beer. A bock beer. And they call it “Strikes bock”. So far, so good right? But wait until you add the brewery’s name: Empire Strikes Bock.

We never pass on the opportunity to write about Star Wars, but this is quite the story. Empire brewery’s “Empire Strikes Bock” is of course created with the intentional link to Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back”.

Empire even filed a trademark application for “Empire Strikes Bock” in the United States. The application was immediately followed by an opposition by Lucasfilm Ltd., maker of the Star Wars saga.

Since it is likely that Lucasfilm has no trademark registration for ‘beer’, they will have to prove that their trademark is well-known, and that Empire’s trademark will dilute the trademark movie title.

A quick search revealed thought, that Lucasfilm has no trademark registration at all for “The Empire Strikes Back” in the United States. Although they may still have other grounds for their objection, it would have been nice to have had a trademark registration. Just in case others follow, like “Attack of the Scones” or “The Millennium Bacon”.

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