Face the brow

Marks distinguish themselves by, among others, colors, shapes, words and logos. People do this by a.o. clothing, tattoos and hairstyles. Body hair in the form of eyebrows is a rather particular way to distinguishing yourself. Yet this is how to recognize upcoming basketball talent Anthony Davis.

The distinctiveness of his eyebrows reaches so far that Anthony has filed several eyebrow related marks in the United States: Fear The Brow, Raise The Brown and Brow Down.

In the Benelux and also the European Union, faces are sometimes filed as a trademark: a picture of a person will then be registered and the aim of this mark is to protect the portrait against misuse and sometimes to market it commercially. MarkMatters.com does not know whether or not the USPTO is allowing these kind of marks, otherwise it might be helpful for Anthony. Still, he needs to have serious plans with his marks, in other words, MarkMatters.com expects in the upcoming years Browproducts in the field of water, diapers and cosmetics!

Source and photo: Pitt Script Blog

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