Facebook on pause

imagesCody Romano is “a strategic communicator with a tech background with focus on telling true stories that entertain and engage people”, as stated on his website .

A few weeks ago he developed a break your facebook app that lets you have structured breaks from Facebook. He also registered the domain name www.breakyourfacebook.com which got the attention of Facebook. Facebook acted immediately and sent him a cease and desist letter (by e-mail).

As we read on his website, for Romano this is the ultimate confirmation of his earlier assumption that everything of Facebook is “bad”. Romano especially could not appreciate the intimidating tone of the email. The funny thing is that if you read the letter you do not get the impression that it is a very harsh or intimidating letter. Obviously, you cannot deny the emotion created by cease and desist letters.

More and more well know companies are aware of the impact of these letters and what can happen when such letters are made public through the internet. The tone of the letters might be more polite, still, the receiver of this letter will never be very happy.
Source: Bloomberg

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