Gaym over?

Just when you think that, as a trademark lawyer, you have seen it all, it happens: a college fraternity for gay men sues another ‘gender neutral’ college fraternity. Yes. Really.

Delta Lambda Phi  – why are all US college fraternities named after Greek letters? – is based in Eugene, Oregon. It is a proud and pioneering college fraternity for gay men. But now a newer campus organization arose under the name Delta Lambda Psi. The gay “frarority” is claiming trademark infringement, since both names only differ one letter. Both Greek and Latin.

The “new” Delta Lambda Psi calls itself a “gender neutral” fraternity.

The court in Oregon is now going to have to decide whether this situation can continue.

A lot of Greek letters to choose from, and they pick almost the same ones. But on the other hand, aren’t all fraternities and sororities called ‘Kappa Lamba Phi’ and ‘Omega Sigma Kappa’? Come on! That’s like BMW sueing a car manufacturer called BNW. Okay, bad example. Just pick a different color fraternity jacket, and all will be fine.

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