Generic Magic

The popularity of the Harry Potter series has led to various festivals across the world. But Warner Brothers’ IP lawyers are putting a vanishing spell over these local events.

A large Philadelphia Harry Potter Festival that attracted over 50,000 fans has been canceled. Also, a smaller Harry Potter Festival in Roanoke has now changed its name, after angry cease and desist letters from the guardians of Harry Potter’s trademark and copyright team.

Once known as the Harry Potter Festival, the event will now continue as “Generic Magic Festival”. “We are still celebrating literary magic and a lot of the creatures and potions Rowling uses are ones from mythology that have been used for years,” said Tracy Fisher, Roanoke minister of magic for the Generic Magic Festival.

Despite the change, there will be similar but not identical features to J.K. Rowling’s epic stories. Expect wizards and witches armed with wands, even though copyright infringement limitations made this year’s event a challenge to design: “It seemed like an impossible task because you are used to what you see in the movies and it makes you think out of the box that much more”, the organising committee said.


Erwin Hauër

“Hoop is geen strategie.”



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