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Finally an invention that is truly useful for all mankind! Remember Back to the Future part 2, where Marty McFly goes from 1985 to 2015?

When the DeLorean time machines arrives in the future, Marty is given a “futuristic” outfit by Doc, his inventor friend: a coat that automatically shrinks to fit and dries itself after getting wet from the rain. And on top of that he is given a (product placement alert!) pair of incredible Nike Air shoes. Not only does the Nike logo emit a beautiful glow, the shoe laces tie themselves. Wow! Great, huh?


The movie is full of futuristic inventions that we wish to be available. How about that (product placement alert!) Mattel® hover boards? A dream, right?

But now it seems Nike is ahead of the future. We are only living in 2011, but it is rumored that the American shoe company is launching the Nike Air Mag.

That’s right! A shoe with automatic shoe laces. A patent application for the shoe leaked out earlier this year.

How cool is that!!

Let’s hope the logo will be glowing, like in the movie.

See the Nike teaser here:


UPDATE: Nike is auctioning 150 pairs of the Nike® Air Mag. All proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Better bring some serious cash though: the highest priced pair has a current bid of $65.000,-


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