Go Wildcats! Go!

woodrow_wilson_wildcatsDo you know The Woodrow Wilson Wildcat? We didn’t either. But now we do. It’s the mascot of Dallas’ Woodrow Wilson High. Well, it won’t be for long.

Woodrow Wilson faces legal action from wildcat mascot’s resemblance to University of Arizona Wildcats

The Dallas High School faces legal action from the University of Arizona, more famous for their team The Arizona Wildcats, that claims that the school’s wildcat logo is confusingly similar to the university’s trademarked mascot.

Woodrow Wilson High has chosen not to fight the claim, and has asked everyone in the school and the community to help creating a new logo. They would like to new logo to be a “new and dynamic image to brand the outstanding Wildcat community”. And more importantly, it may not “resemble the retired image”. Obviously.


The Arizona Wildcats logo:

arizona wildcats

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