Gone in an Insta-nt

instagrilleInstagram was an amazing hit. The photo sharing platform, famous for its cool, retro filters that can be applied to your everyday photos, was such a big hit, Facebook bought it for a cool billion dollars. That’s billion, with a ‘b’: $,00.

Just like Facebook is eager on defending their trademark, the new addition to the family Instagram is also well looked after.

Thus, the name Instagrille is no more. The most popular Instagram application for Windows desktops is being rebranded as Pixsta. The changes come after Instagrille amassed more than 10 million downloads, and attracted the attention of Instagram parent company Facebook.

Pixsta is the product of SweetLabs, a startup. The 2-year-old application was purchased by SweetLabs last year after it gained attention from people wanting to experience Instagram on their desktops. The name Instagrille was a dead giveaway for its purpose — perhaps too much so.

On the record, SweetLabs states that it was happy to comply with Instagram’s/Facebook’s requests. The reality, however, is that the company had to change the name, if it was to maintain an agreeable relationship with Facebook. After all, what good is an Instagram client for Windows without Instagram content?

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