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The name Overlorde is the subject of a trademark fight between two heavy metalbands in Amercia. Overlorde is the name of band from New Jersey, known from their album “Return of the Giant Now”. Overlorde SR is a band from South Caroline, they released their album “Metal Medieval Too” in March 2012.

Overlorde has now sent Overlorde SR and their record label Heaven and Hell Records a cease and desist letter on the base of trademark infringement.

The issue is not simple, Overlorde SR has started back in the eighties, before Overlorde. Both bands broke up at the end of the eighties. Then Overlorde reformed and registered their mark. Overlorde SR came back in 2011 and in March 2012 filed a trademark application claiming use since 1980.

You would expect that this would be a bloody battle, but the fight is up to know strictly legal. Well, not 100% legal, as Overlorde SR has started a petition in order to change the mind of Overlorde. A peaceful action in the land of hell, darkness and cruelty.

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