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Grumpy cat wins €613.000,-

Grumpy cat wins €613.000,-Social media sensation Grumpy Cat wins €613.000,- in a copyright infringement case. The cat that became an internet sensation because of its gloomy expression, has earned its owner a lot of money.

Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, went viral due to its permanently moody face. The cat’s popularity resulted in a Christmas film, TV appearances and a range of merchandise including soft toys and clothing.

Grumpy Cat Limited – yes, the cat ‘is’ a limited company – sued US coffee company Grenade after they broke the terms of an agreement over the use of the cat’s image. In 2013 Grenade’s owners struck a $150,000 deal to serve iced coffee beverages branded with the cat’s face called “Grumppucinos”. However, in a court filing Grumpy Cat’s owners said the coffee company had “blatantly infringed” their copyrights and trademarks when they began selling roasted coffee and Grumppucino T-shirts featuring the cat’s face.

The US court ultimately sided with the cat, and ordered that the coffee company pay $750,000 in damages.

This makes the cat very rich, if it wasn’t already. Nonetheless, the cat still looks grumpy.

Erwin Hauër

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