Harry Potter vs. Tanja Grotter

You cannot have missed it: this week the last Harry Potter movie premiered in cinema’s world wide.

J.K. Rowling’s story about a young sorcerer has proven an enormous hit since 1997, the year of the publication of the first Harry Potter book. Children and adults around the world have embraced the book and the movies for over a decade.

But with big success comes copy cats (see also our earlier post on Harry Potter condoms). In Russia a story about a young girl turned up. The book showed a large number of resemblances with the Harry Potter story.

First of all, the young girl in question is named Tanja Grotter. She has has an unusual birth mark on her nose, magical powers, being raised by “Lopoechoid” (similar to Muggle) relatives, after her parents were slain by an evil sorceress named Tsjoema-del-Tort. And she will be studying the Tibidochs school for young witches and wizards. Tanja’s foster family, the Doernevs, live in an urban apartment block where Tanja is forced to sleep, not in a kitchen cupboard, but in the loggia of the apartment.

Harry Potter’s author J.K. Rowling filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the author of the Tanja Grotter books. And won. Of course. There is nothing magical about that.

Have you lived under a rock since 1997 or haven’t you seen all Harry Potter movies? Here is a summary of all 7 Harry Potter books in 7 minutes:


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