Hell no!

Yo yo! Do you know the Hell’s Angels, yo? Did you know they have a yo-yo? Neither did they.

The infamous motor club accused toy store Toys ‘R’ Us for infringing their “death head” logo, by selling the Yomega’s “Raider”, a €12,- yo-yo.

Several versions of the ‘winged skull’ have been trademarked by the Hells Angels. The bikers claim the logo on the yo-yo is confusingly similar to their logo, the death head.

They also claim that they received no response to their cease-and-desist letters.

Without entering into a debate on the merits of the case, MarkMatters,com just want to note one thing: Toys ‘R’ Us, ARE YOU CRAZY?

Not responding to a cease and desist letter from the Hell’s Angels? Next step will probably be a whole other kind of ‘cease and desist letter’. This is IP suicide. We’re talking about a yo-yo for IP’s sake. There are more important things in life, than to worry about getting beat up.

But that’s just our legal opinion.

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