Hennes the goat

Many sport clubs have their own mascot. The mascot of the German football club F.C. Köln is a goat. Not just a goat, no, it is Hennes the goat. And they are proud of it. According to the website of F.C. Köln Hennes is Germany´s best-known mascot and an heraldic animal. Hennes has his own fashion label named “Geißbock-Kollektion”. And Hennes’ club is one of the few that accomplished the leap forward to an independent brand.

And a brand needs protection, all trademark attorneys will say. Well, F.C. Köln certainly listens to their attorneys and applied for a 3D trademark (as shown left) in the European Union of Hennes. In the event the Ohim accepts this mark, Hennes will be a protected animal, at least for jewelery, beer glasses, ceramics and others.

Unfortunately for F.C. Köln Hennes did not brought any luck with him this year as the team relegated to the second division.

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