High and dri

High and dry, that is the main purpose of the driPhone of Hayden Crowther: this case is designed for the iPhone in order to get the iPhone waterproof. If you know that many iPhones end up in in the toilet or are otherwise damaged by water, this is a very useful product.

Apple is however not that happy with this product, especially with the name of the product. Apple filed in January an opposition against the trademark application driPhone in New Zealand. Apple however has indicated that dryPhone would be acceptable.

The conclusion of Hayden Crowther is that Apple has problems with the “i” and he suspects that Apple will launch a case it self with his name.

A bit naive maybe. The trademarks iPhone and driPhone may differ conceptually but visually the trademarks are of course very similar. Moreover, iPhone is a famous mark giving this trademark a huge protection. The conclusion could be that this is a successful product with a rather unfortunate name.

Source: Stuff

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