How many lit up pigeon shows are there?

pigeon showDutch artist Jasper van den Brink has accused fellow artist Duke Riley of plagiarism. The American artist Riley has been performing a show in New York where he lights up pigeons. Van den Brink claims to have invented the prototype.
Yes, you are reading this right! Two people have come up with the idea of lighting up pigeons at the same time. Well, maybe not according to Van den Brink, who states his idea predates Riley’s performance act. Van den Brink is considering legal action.
About ten years ago the Dutch artist developed a prototype with a stuffed pigeon to which he attached lights. His idea was published in the art magazine Cabinet and was also exhibited several times in Amsterdam. In the end Van den Brink decided not to carry out his plan. “I thought it was irresponsible”, he says, after discovering pigeons are afraid of the dark.
Recently Van den Brink discovered a pigeon light show in Brooklyn, New York. A few months earlier Van den Brink received an email with questions about a pigeon light show, but the person who contacted him proved to be untraceable. “I think Riley has emailed me under a false name”, Van den Brink states.
The Dutch artist is now still assessing whether he can indeed claim copyright and whether it is breached.
© photo: Hollandse Hoogte

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