How to make Coca-Cola?

The Coca-Cola brand is estimated to be worth between 60 and 70 billion dollars. Yes, billion, not million. And that’s what the brand is worth. We are not talking about the factories, but about the brand name and the goodwill that is attached to it.

One of Coca-Cola’s biggest brand assets is their secret recipe. It was always a well known secret that the recipe was locked safely in a vault. And now you can see the actual vault!

The Coca-Cola Company confirmed the vault containing the beverage’s 125-year-old secret formula has gone on public display for the first time. The recipe has remained secret since its invention in 1886.

Director of archives Phil Mooney stated: “The move of the Coca-Cola secret formula is a historic moment for the company. The company has always gone to great lengths to protect it and now by safeguarding it at the World of Coca-Cola, we can share its legendary legacy with people around the world.”

Go and see for yourself! The vault, that is. Not the receipe.

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