I am not (a) Virgin

Richard Branson is a remarkable man. He is of course the man behind Virgin, the air carrier, record company and very soon aerospace company.

Virgin is involved in a fight with fashion brand I am not a Virgin. Virgin does not want the fashion brand to call itself ‘I am not a Virgin’ as the consumer could be confused and this name could also be detrimental to Virgin.

I am not a Virgin does not shares this view, confusion seems very unlikely to them.

MarkMatters.com believes that Virgin reacts a bit hypersensitive. Of course big companies want to keep the options open for possible brand extensions. And of course, the reputation of a trademark is a delicate and sensual thing that you have to defend with your life. But at least there should be a clear similarity between the concerning marks. Something MarkMatters.com does not see in this case. But maybe we are too pragmatic.

Perhaps the lawyers of Virgin were not convinced themselves as they try to convince the other party to take a different name by suggesting new names “Have you thought about I Am Not Chaste or I Am Not Pure?”. Well, next time better stick to the legal arguments.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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