Intellectual Pray-perty

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement, is known world-wide for its devotional practices towards Lord Krishna, a Hindu god. The organization has 250.000 devotees worldwide and has established an international network of 500 public utility services such as schools, restaurants, communities, centers and temples.

Recently, the organization sued the company J.P. Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. for the construction of Iscon Mega Mall in the vicinity of the ISKCON temple premises. According to the ISKCON Trust, the use of a similar logo and the word ‘Iscon’ as the name of the mall building constructed next to the temple will constitute trademark infringement as the firm, J.P. Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is using the goodwill generated worldwide by the well-established ISKCON society.

Further, the ISKCON claimed the use of its trademark was giving a false impression to the public that Iscon Mega Mall had been set up with the backing of ISKCON. Temple versus mall. Would you walk into the wrong building by accident?

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