IP facts and figures

Lawyers have many qualities but math is often not one of these. So a post about figures is a dangerous one. When these figures give interesting insights, there might be some attention. Well, the Wipo IP facts and figures give very interesting facts.

Wipo runs a survey every year with 150 national trademark offices worldwide about amongst others the amount of registrations. This year Wipo has concluded that in 2010 approximately 3.6 million marks (!) have been filed for 5.5 million classes. These applications have been filed in 73% of the cases by a resident with his or her national trademark office. Trademark protection and use still remains a local thing.

Of all trademark applications, the majority are conducted in Europe and Asia. Of all applications only 2.3% have been filed for an African country. In 2010, over a million trademark applications were filed in China, followed by America with 377,964 applications. Remarkable is the number three: France, preceding the European Union.

Of all top users of the International registration system Novartis International is number one with 125 International registrations, on number two is Philip Morris with 110 registrations and on number 3 Boehringer Ingelheim. Congratulations!

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