IP for breakfast

Webcomic Matthew Inman has been operating under the name The Oatmeal for a while. His website features bizarre humour and is well known for hilarious book titles like “How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you“. Now the bizarre comic is the centre of a bizarre law suit.

Inman joined hands with Recycled Greeting, a company that owns a big chain of card and gift shops. The comic hoped to sell paper greeting cards of his web comics via the The Oatmeal’s Web store. This, however, caught the attention of Oatmeal Studios, a Massachusetts greeting card company, that claims to have been selling greeting cards for 35 years under the name Oatmeal Studios. The use of The Oatmeal for greeting cards, is likely to confuse customers, so they say.

MarkMatters.com must say the names are very similar. Moreover, they seem to be used for identical goods: greeting cards. The IP lawyer for Oatmeal Studios will probably have Inman for breakfast.

We are very curious how this will continue. The last law suit Inman was in, he responded to a claim by drawing a picture of a woman meant to be adverse party’s mother becoming intimate with a Kodiak bear. Yeah! This is the kind of lawsuit we like!

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